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Cloudhub360 is enabling company execs to put automation at the heart of any redesign, ensuring their future & success in the new normal.

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In this ‘new normal’, “Our Intelligent Hyper Automation platform changes the game in terms of the possibility to increase revenue (without increasing overheads), provide a higher quality of service and ensure consistency and compliance.”

A proven cross-industry methodology accelerates your digital transformation journey. Our four stages of intelligent hyper automation take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

With agile sprints, we progress from targeted pilot, to cross company automation, moving you towards a disruptor in your market.

Increase efficiency

Reduce costs associated with complex business processes, managing customer channels, data entry and rework through best-in-class performance.

Differentiate & Personalise

Deliver value to customers faster than your competitors and solve customers’ problems they can’t touch.

Scale Up

Take on more work through leveraging a Digital Workforce and by reducing the time it takes to deploy and maintain your automation solutions.

Create Markets

Seize opportunities in new markets where margins were previously too small by reducing time to market and operating costs.

Our Clients

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Explore the use cases where Cloudhub360 has helped customers bridge their operational gaps from "contact to conclusion".

Banking and Financial Services

  • account administration
  • customer onboarding
  • investment research
  • loan processing
  • customer administration


  • claims management
  • policy origination
  • customer administration & billing

Retail & Events Management

  • order processing
  • personal assistant
  • virtual event guide
  • supplier management


  • claims processing
  • patient administration
  • virtual assistance


  • public assistance
  • safety & law enforcement
  • application processing

Cross industry/Horizontal

  • finance & accounting
  • HR onboarding & operations
  • contracts management
  • asset management
  • service desk management
  • regulatory compliance


Wherever there is business data locked in documents & content, Waives can unlock it. Whether it’s automating an existing manual process or capturing value from existing document & content archives, Waives can help.

Classify and extract data from documents to drive business processes with minimum manual intervention. Turn unstructured, inaccessible “dark data” in documents, into structured data suitable for input into your systems of record, and content analytics to enable better and faster business decisions.

Half mobile with Waives app
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Simply put, Conversational AI lets you offer automated assistance to your staff, customer, or third-party suppliers, when needed. Cloudhub360's ever-learning intelligent Chatbot supports any conversational Self-Service automation application.

askelie can easily be integrated into Contracts Management, Finance & Accounting, Asset Management, Customer Service Support, IT-Helpdesk, and HR system, creating an “always on” 5-star user experience. In doing so, askelie increases satisfaction, whilst reducing operating costs and reducing time/ workload in customer service departments.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin