Effortless Document Processing in the Cloud has arrived

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Intelligent Document Processing in the Cloud

Waives makes complex document processing simple, unlocking business knowledge from your unstructured content to help you make better & faster decisions. With no heavy configuration or deployment, you can get started with document classification and/or data extraction from your documents & content in a flash, feeding content to your line of business systems/systems of record, without costly, inefficient & error prone manual labour.

Waives can be embedded into applications to extend core capabilities, be run independently for stand-alone applications, or as part of the Cloudhub360 platform.

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From fast OCR to powerful document classification or data extraction, Waives features can be accessed individually or in combination so you can easily use what you need when you need it.


Accurately classify any documents based on their content, with machine learning for easy setup and auto-tuning for optimal accuracy, reducing manual labour


Reliably extract data from any document or content, even where the location or format of the data is highly variable, reducing manual keying and unlocking hidden business knowledge

Markup and Redaction

Hide sensitive data and improve navigation in your documents, to ensure compliance and security


Ensure complete accuracy of data feed into your systems of records with intelligent automatic validation, and visual inspections, where necessary ensuring the highest data quality

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Benefits of Waives

Any document

Advanced auto-configuration and machine learning makes configuration of even the most challenging documents a breeze

Cloud native

Built for the cloud from the ground up. Enabling the build and run of scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds


Handle a limitless number of documents. Easy to scale up or down depending on your business demand

Simplicity & Setup

Be up and running in minutes and operational in hours


Total peace-of-mind with robust security procedures in operation

Commercial Models

With four simple monthly subscription pricing plans, just select the one that's right for you and you're ready to go. No prohibitive license fees, no risk. What could be easier?

Intelligent billing engine

Including account management & internal recharge capabilities. Ensure you have insight to your operating costs and ability to charge across specific business units/cost centres


Integrate easily from anywhere in your workflow, from any system and environment

Application of Waives

Business process automation

Classify and extract data from documents to drive business processes with minimum manual intervention. Feed key systems of record, BPM, RPA, ERP, Spend Management, Contract Management, etc. bridging the gap

Document archive processing

Extract value from document archives by analysing the content of documents and pulling out key data to drive systems of record, eliminating manual labour and errors

Enable content analytics

Turn unstructured, inaccessible ‘dark data’ in documents into structured data suitable for input into your content analytics and business decision engines, unlocking the power of your information to business knowledge

Mailroom Automation

Intelligently classify scanned documents & content (emails, electronic files, faxes, etc.) and use the results to automatically route documents into different business processes

45% of work activities can be automated. $2 trillion savings in global workforce costs

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By 2022, 65% of organizations that deployed robotic process automation will introduce artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing algorithms

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