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A Partnership Driving Intelligence to Hyper Automation, From “Contact to Conclusion”

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Cloudhub360 is an Intelligent Hyper-Automation company. We enable the transformation of Front-Office processes with AI driven Automation. Our platform enables customers to provide an improved Customer Experience, remove mundane work & bottlenecks and increase operational cost efficiencies.

It is Cloudhub360’s unique combination of Conversational AI and Intelligent Document Processing that unlocks the ability to automate front-office processes. With Cloudhub360, organisations can automatically & intelligently interact with their customers, ingesting their information and understanding content within documents that are needed for a given process, whilst maintaining an excellent experience for the customer is truly game changing for the world of Digital Transformation.

We provide a platform of cloud native micro-services including Conversational AI, NLP, ML and Intelligent Document Processing. Combining these technologies offer the ability to create automation at the Front Office, enabling Blue Prism customers to scale their bot landscapes to automate more complex ad-hoc processes.


Customers today demand services to be available 24x7, but how does a company in the Financial Services, Retail, Government, and Insurance sector achieve this?

Enterprises struggle when looking to automate customer led Front Office processes, due to their complexity and variation.

The challenge for these enterprises is how to provide an effective channel to automatically interact with customers, gather information and ingest unstructured content/documents as part of a seamless experience, to then provide to Blue Prism for data to be managed into back-end systems.


Cloudhub360 with its truly unique combination of Conversational AI and Intelligent Document Processing, provides the ability to create a Digital Workforce for the front office. We offer an intelligent, always-on channel, that always delivers on customer experience.

Whether it’s making a claim, opening an account, or getting customer service, by combining Blue Prism RPA and Cloudhub360 we allow the ability to drive & orchestrate front office processes and consume content that supports these, whilst automating the full front to back process journey.


  • Increase Automation Opportunities; Automate Highly Variable customer led processes
  • Provide a 24x7 customer experience
  • Augment existing employees with a Digital Workforce
  • Bring unstructured content from the Front Office to the Back office
  • Cloud-native, highly scalable platform
  • Gain insights into captured information, turning content in to business ready data
  • Predictable costs through Automated Billing Management

Example: Insurance Claims Automation

Cloudhub360’s askelie is orchestrating a previously manual Insurance Claims process from start to finish, handling the customers reasoning for the claim and ingesting the documents related to it via Intelligent Document Processing, then packaging the data to allow RPA to complete the process and update the back-end systems.

This has allowed RPA to be deployed against a Front-Office process to support the automation end-to-end. Without Cloudhub360 askelie this would not have been previously possible due to the high variation of the customer led process.

The customer has saved in numerous areas, improved customer experience, increased efficiency, reduction in operating costs, focused staff to high value work, reduction in claims costs and processing times, compliancy and increased customer retention.

Enterprise Benefits

  • Free up staff from mundane processes to focus on value!

  • Extend Competitive Edge

  • Increase Profitability

  • Leverage Bot Investment

  • Boost Customer Retention

  • Extend Operational Capabilities to service 24x7

  • Increased Share of Customer Wallet

How it Works

Cloudhub360’s Conversational AI (askelie) combined with Cloudhub360’s Intelligent Document Processing (Waives) can be considered across a range of enterprise use cases, with omnichannel ingestion (automated information on-ramp with ML) and knowledgebase (KB) creation for business content.

Improved UX/CX for employees & customers is provided, with a self-service intelligent conversational interface to the populated KB. Relevant business content is surfaced via dynamic linking.

Cloudhub360 askelie becomes a front-end channel to interact with customers/employees, gather information and documents. Once askelie has completed the process it then creates a metadata pack to provide to Blue Prism RPA to populate the back-end systems and take any action if needed e.g. create an order/invoice, create an insurance claim, create a customer account.


Why Intelligent Hyper Automation?

  • Focus on the front-office, improving CX
  • Digital Workers; remove reliance on manual labour
  • Improve accuracy & quality
  • Turn data into to business knowledge
  • Enable faster & smarter decisions


  • Unique combination of Conversational AI + IDP; remove process friction
  • Cloud native; scale up/down with demand
  • Single unified platform; reduced cost of ownership
  • NextGen AI, ML & NLP; ever increasing intelligence to improve CX

Why Blue Prism &
Cloudhub360 Now?

  • Increase competitive edge; before your competition do
  • Extend the automation pipeline to the Front Office
  • Maximise the existing bot landscape within your customers by going after Front Office Automation
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Blue Prism’s vision is “A Digital Workforce for Every Enterprise.” The company’s purpose is to unleash the collaborative potential of humans so every enterprise can exceed business goals and drive meaningful growth.

Available on-premises, in the cloud, hybrid, or as an integrated SaaS solution, Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce automates end-to-end processes that drive digital transformation.

Visit to learn more or follow Blue Prism on Twitter @blue_prism and on LinkedIn.

ABOUT Cloudhub360

Cloudhub360 is the intelligent automation specialist. Our capabilities are used to create your Digital Workforce, bringing speed, efficiency and scale to your employees and customers through Intelligent Hyper Automation.

A modern cloud-native platform that provides a combination of Conversational AI & Intelligent Document Processing in one IPR. We help companies bridge the gaps they face in their processes, from “contact to conclusion” through Intelligent Hyper Automation.

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