Unlocking the ‘dark data’
in document archives

The Challenge

Many organisations have an enormous amount of valuable information locked away in unstructured documents like PDF, Word and scanned image files. Because this information is embedded in the document text, and not accessible to standard analytics tools, it is sometimes referred to as ‘dark data’.

An IDC study in 2011 estimated that over 90% of all data is in this form.

Dark data can represent both a serious regulatory challenge, and a significant business opportunity.

Documents often contain personal, financial and other sensitive information. While this remains unindexed and inaccessible, organisations have little or no hope of achieving compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

The Opportunity

Many organisations, such as those in insurance and other forms of risk management, have an enormous amount of ‘institutional knowledge’ hidden away in their document archives. Those that are able to bring it to light and analyse it appropriately can create a significant competitive advantage.

CloudHub360’s technology offers the keys to unlock this dark data.

By providing the tools to efficiently and automatically analyse the content of vast numbers of documents, categorise them, and pull out key data fields in a structured fashion, organisations gain the ability to control and extract value from their document archives.