Efficient Automation
of Invoices
and Receipts

The Problem

There are many systems on the market that attempt to automatically capture data from invoices, but they typically require configuration and tuning to a specific set of supplier layouts.

This creates significant costs and delays in both the initial deployment and ongoing maintenance of the software, and requires specialists trained to use the particular proprietary technology.

The Solution

CloudHub360, by contrast, offers a ‘fit and forget’ solution to data capture from both invoices (for accounts payable applications) and receipts (for expenses solutions).

We pre-configure extraction rules which work for the widest possible variety of document layouts, languages and formats, and are continually enhancing the systems, giving our customers high quality extraction from day one with no upfront costs or effort aside from a simple integration to our cloud service.

This approach not only drives down costs and project times across the board, it makes high-quality automation accessible even for end users with low volumes of documents, where previous products’ high setup costs made this proposition unviable.