Adding intelligence to
device applications

The Problem

The market for Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) is a competitive and increasingly commoditised one. To sustain and grow their businesses, resellers of these devices need to differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing additional services or products.

One way to differentiate is to create applications that add functionality complementing that provided by the device, such as integrations with line of business systems.

The addition of intelligent document processing capabilities, such as document classification or data extraction, greatly enhances the value of these applications. It also creates opportunities for new applications.

Until now, the complexity and cost associated with configuring document processing technology for each customer has fatally undermined the value proposition of adding these capabilities to MFD applications.

The Solution

CloudHub360’s innovations eliminate the lengthy configuration necessary with alternative document processing technologies and enable the creation of applications that can be deployed in mass-market or low-margin scenarios.

To illustrate what’s possible at the most “mass market” end of the spectrum, the example below is a demonstration of how our technology can be used to build an intelligent document input and handling application.

One-click, intelligent, document filing from MFDs to the cloud

This is a demonstration application that addresses two universal filing issues:

  • Filing a document in the right place
  • Giving the document appropriate metadata to make retrieval easy

The application makes it trivial to file documents directly from an MFD to the correct location in a document store, with an intelligently-determined filename.

  1. The application sends the document directly from the MFD to our Waives cloud service
  2. Waives classifies (identifies the type of) the document and intelligently determines a sensible filename from the document's content.
  3. The application reports the proposed document type and filename to the user and offers the chance to override them.
  4. The application stores the document into an appropriate location in the document store, based on the document type, and with the intelligently-determined filename.

Critically, the application takes less than 5 minutes to set up and is so easy to understand that it anyone could use it. The set up process is simply to point the application at the user or organisation's existing documents in order to "learn" their documents.

The simplicity of setup enabled by our technology makes it possible to deploy applications like this to many customers without prohibitively-expensive setup for each customer.

Watch our short video for a demonstration of the setup and use of the application!