waives, the cloud service for intelligent document & record processing

We power document-processing applications wherever they're needed.

Whether you have 10 or 10 million documents, integration with waives takes just a few minutes!


Accurately classify documents based on their textual content or visual layout. Auto-learning of document features & auto-tuning for maximum accuracy.


Locate and extract key data based on its format and relationship to the surrounding content, and even capture tabular data.


The first intelligent document processing service that scales as you do - built for the cloud, private or public.


Building a classifier takes only minutes, vastly reducing your up-front configuration and total lifetime configuration costs.


Process scanned images, electronic documents and emails identically. Use our command line client, or call our HTTP API from anywhere in your workflow, from any language and any environment.


Process an entire record of related documents, identify its structure, add bookmarks and make it easy to find the information you need.

Deploy in minutes

Easily process files from the command line, or build automation scripts, using surf, the official client for Windows, Linux or macOS.

Alternatively, integrate directly with our intuitive RESTful API from anywhere in your workflow, from any language and any environment.

Example applications

No-hassle processing of scanned & electronic invoices

Processing invoices manually is a significant burden for many organisations, sending them to the right place in the organisation, manually entering invoice data and dealing with lost invoices or missed payments.

waives reduces or even eliminates this burden entirely by capturing invoices as they enter your organisation, automatically extracting invoice and item-level data from them and pushing that data to your accounting system for payment.

Our ability to process electronic documents (such as Word or Excel documents, or electronic PDFs) as well as scanned documents means invoices received by email can be dealt with in exactly the same way.

One-click, intelligent, document filing from MFDs to the cloud

waives can be used to add document processing capabilities to other products, services or devices.

For example, Multi-Function Devices can be extended to enable end-users to scan documents from their MFD straight to the correct location in their cloud document storage, based on just a few examples, with intelligent filenames based on the document content.

Alternatively, it is possible to build applications that add value for particular sectors with specific types of documents common to that sector.

Making scanned medical records easy to navigate

Clinicians trying to locate critical patient information within scanned medical records typically find this extremely challenging, because it is not economically viable to manually index the records during the scanning process.

waives automatically identifies the documents & sections in scanned medical records and adds bookmarks, enabling medical professionals to navigate straight to the patient information they need.

Our optional RecordHub web interface is optimised for effective navigation of scanned records, including viewing of pages in the context of the whole record to reduce the risk of missing critical patient information.

Harness the power of the cloud for your documents

waives is the first intelligent document processing cloud service built from the ground-up to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies & architectural innovations. This enables us to offer unrivalled scalability, availability and security.

Whether you have a stream of documents that need handling immediately whenever they arrive, or a large existing archive of documents to process as a one-off, we've got you covered.

Our world-leading document classification & extraction technology has been processed tens of millions of documents across many industries, from defence to finance to healthcare organisations.