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We turned document processing upside down, so what's next? Now we are about to make Intelligent Hyper Automation easier, more affordable & more useable- AskElie will soon explain more how Cloudhub is launching the world's first Intelligent Hyper Automation in a single solution.......

Say goodbye to complex configuration, deployment and multi-vendor products to automate processes.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs associated with complex business processes, data entry and rework through best-in-class performance.


Deliver value to customers faster than your competitors and solve customers’ problems they can’t touch.

Scale Up

Take on more projects by reducing the time it takes to deploy and maintain your document-processing solutions.

Create Markets

Seize opportunities in new markets where margins were previously too small by reducing deployment time.


Effortless document processing in the cloud

Waives is CloudHub360's flagship cloud service offering subscription-based document processing that can be set up in minutes.

Waives showcases how our innovations enable deployments of document processing solutions with a fraction of the time, cost and complexity of legacy technologies.

Our technology is also available to deploy in private clouds or data centres.

Screenshots of the Waives website

Document classification

Accurately classify (categorise) documents based on their textual content or visual layout.

Our advanced machine learning and AI technology means no costly upfront configuration and low total cost of ownership.

Predictable and optimal performance is achieved from the start with our unique auto-tuning feature, eliminating the need for lengthy testing and tuning phases.

Data extraction

Reliably extract data from any documents, even where the location or format of the data is highly variable.

An intuitive visual rules builder and pre-packaged rules makes it incredibly quick to implement basic extraction tasks.

Even the most complex scenarios can be handled with the same techniques, including extraction of items in tables and data with highly variable location or format.

Cost-effective record digitisation

For the first time it is possible to digitise paper records, such as medical, HR or legal records, without the expensive manual preparation before scanning that was previously required.

Our technology processes an entire record of related documents, identifies its structure, adds bookmarks and makes it easy for users to find the information they need within the record.

Screenshot of the RecordHub record viewing user interface
Man using a laptop to create a digital document

Scanned & digital documents

CloudHub360's technology has been designed from the start to process both scanned documents and those created digitally, such as Microsoft Office documents, digital PDFs and emails, in the same way.

This allows you to streamline legacy business processes previously forced to handle these documents in different ways.

Deploy anywhere

Our technology can be deployed in public or private clouds, on-premise or anywhere else you need document processing capabilities. We can provide anything from SDKs to full cloud-native micro-services-based solutions with embedded OCR.

Man and woman deploying software in a data centre

Example Applications